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Introducing the Q2000: the most powerful microinverter in the industry

The Q2000

SPARQ is pleased to introduce the Quad 2000, the industry’s most powerful microinverter that produces electrical energy from 4 solar panels of 550W+ each, without any power clipping. Our advanced software allows the Q2000 to operate seamlessy in grid-tied, standalone and dual-mode solar panel applications.

Easy Install
Save time and money with our 4 panel 1 inverter technology
High Power, Low Cost
The highest power
output for the lowest cost
Industry leader in energy solutions
Reliable solar energy for a greener future

News and Events

SPARQ Enters into Sales and Distribution Agreement with Rolaz Green Energy

SPARQ Systems Inc. (TSXV: SPRQ) (OTCQX:SPRQF) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a sales and distribution agreement dated March 24, 2023 with Rolaz Green Energy PVT.Ltd(“Rolaz”), a company based in India Read More

Dr. Praveen Jain, CEO of SPARQ Systems Inc., Awarded the 2023 Killam Prize in Engineering

SPARQ Systems Inc. (TSXV: SPRQ) (OTCQX:SPRQF) is pleased to announce that its Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Praveen Jain, is one of the recipients of the 2023 Killam Prize Read More